Monday, May 03, 2004

No News

Mostly, I don't know what to say. I think I said it all about a year ago, when I wrote my long post about torture. Back then, I was moved to outrage. I am not outraged now. I was in a state of continuos outrage all the time, because the news where there for people willing to listen to them. Do I believe it's just a few bad apples?


A few bad apples don't take photos with great big smiles and trade them around. No, I don't believe in a few bad apples. I believe in what we in Amnesty International call "impunity". It's the thing that makes torture possibile. When it's done with the encouragement, sometimes consisting in just turning a blind eye on, of the authorities.

I will make a prediction. In a little while, if it's not happened already, somebody will start saying it's not so bad. Just a few pranks, innocent mocking, despicable, all right, but real torture is something else, right? It is not, after all, as if we fed people in an industrial shredder feet first, right? (No: just dumping them overboard offshore in the knowledge that they can't swim. Or dumping them off a moving vehicle. Or beating them up until they're dead and then traying to buy the family's silence.)

You just wait and see.