Monday, March 10, 2003


I don't read too many blogs because I'm afraid of stumbling on something so sick and so evil that it will physically hurt me. But when I do stumble upon it, I have to point it out. This is it. This is as evil and as sick as you can be:

"I don't approve of ever torturing American citizens, who are of course protected by the Constitution. But so long as we're at war, I think there are limited circumstances -- the "ticking bomb" scenario outlined by Dershowitz, for example -- where the torturing of foreign national combatants hellbent on destroying us can be justified."

Do I have to explain my disgust? I hope not. Well, maybe. I understand people who consider torture. I think they're wrong, but I do think they have sort of a point, that has to be discussed. (It has to be discussed. I have long meant to do it, and collected links and thoughts about it. But it needs time and tranquillity that at the moment I do not have. I will come back to it.)

But people who do grasp that torture is wrong, if applied to "real human beings" (i.e. citizens of the United States of America), and are still willing to see it done to the others... well, they are the face of evil.

There are people I respect who believe that patriotism is a good thing. Of course they aren't thinking about this kind of thing when they think about patriotism. Me, I don't believe patriotism is a good thing, because too often it is all about the above.

Update on previous post. The author has seen fit to tell me that his point is legal and not moral. Well, sir, I did read the whole post. You do not seem to have understood that my point is moral, and not legal. You seem to also think that legality begins and ends with the American Constitution, and that international treaties, conventions or any other form of legislation banning the use of torture, like the International Declaration of Human Rights, which I believe the USA is signatory to, have no value whatsoever.

I don't know what kind of person you are. You may be a good and decent person, but then so probably are many torturers. Your position disgusts me and sickens me from, yes, a moral point of view.

You also, I think, did not understand that I am not, myself, a citizen of the USA. You will probably understand, bearing this in mind, just why I found your post so evil and so immensely offensive.