Saturday, November 16, 2002

The good American

I really wanted to write about something else today, and I may yet do, but this is something that I have to point people at - even if after such a long hiatus (hangs head in shame) I don't know who may notice at all.
When I'm about to give up the USA and everybody in it - and last elections were such an occasion - reasoning that the people I trust and admire there are such a trifling minority that they're close to being negligible anyway, along comes Micheal Moore and makes me glad for the rational part of me that knows that's angry bullshit. I went to see Bowling for Columbine, I laughed, I was sick, I heard grown men sniffling in the aisle across from me, and now I've read his interview in The Guardian and goshdamn if he didn't hit on close to everything I care about. I've been campaining to get all my anti-American friends go see it, because you can't help loving a nation that produces a guy that makes you laugh so much and so bitterly, even if it scares you silly.
The second part of the interview is probably even better than the first, but both deserve a read.


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