Monday, September 23, 2002

Whine, whinge, grumble

Avedon Carol, whose blog I follow religiously, has posted a bit about adding links to other blogs. While I was nodding along, I started up an internal whine: nobody ever links me, wee, wee. I'm in but a few blogrolls. Poor derelict me. And then the familiar switch to the Guilt Trip (tm): it's my fault, I don't post often enough, I don't write about the right things, I don't suck up to other bloggers enough...

And they I gave me head a good whack and told myself in a pure Monty Python voice: Stop it! This is silly!

I don't keep this blog for the glory. OK, I like the glory, but for godsake, that's not the point. It's not a race. It's not an ego thing in that way. I may pepper this blog with grammar mistakes and disappear for a long time and write rubbish - but you can trust me on this, I'm writing about things I care, and because I care. As Francesco Guccini says in The Poisoned, I sing when I want, however I want, when I feel like it, without cheers or whistles, selling or not is not among my risks, don't buy my records... oh, all right, sounds much better in Italian anyway.

So well, I blog when I want, how I want, when I feel like it, without cheers or whistles, linking or not is not among my risks, shun my permalinks...

Oh, you're welcome to try for the final verse.


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