Sunday, August 04, 2002

Malefic fluid

The former President of the Italian Republic Francesco Cossiga is in Ireland, on vacation. He has just issued a press release in which he says that he is ill with a "constipation" whose origin leaves his doctors baffled, but not him: he knows it is the "malefic fluid" promanating from one of the advisors of the newly elected Chief of Superior Council of the Judiciary, the governing body of Italian Justices. The new Chief is an ex Minister, and probably felt by Cossiga to be a political adversary.

People in Italy have a tendency to mutter "Need to get his lithium dosage adjusted again, right?" when these sort of things happen with our former President. And they happen with a certain frequency.

You'd think this is a quaint and marginal character. Not so. Cossiga is a powerful and influential political figure.

Yeah, I hear the snickers. It's all right snickering for you, it's not as if you had him as a Senator for Life in your senate.


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