Sunday, June 09, 2002

Once upon a time there was the war against the Mafia

Giuseppe Riina, son of Toto' Riina, possibly the most important mafia boss of modern times, has just been arrested on charges of extortion and "criminal association" (associazione a delinquere). His brother Giovanni is serving life for some murders done in their native town of Corleone.

Corleone has had for the last eight years a centre-left mayor, resolute adversary of the Riinas and their ilk - as proved by the insults and threats picked up on the taps on the younger Riina's phone.

But in the last elections Corleone has voted in, at the first turn, the right, as all of Sicily has been doing recently. Among the councillors chosen by the new major is the Riinas' lawyer, who is the Arts and Culture councillor.

But it isn't true that the battle against the Mafia is over, no.


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