Thursday, June 06, 2002

Avedon Carol in her blog talks about Bush's visit to Italy. Among other refreshingly entertainig things she says:

So Bush went to Europe and insulted national leaders, was downright nasty to a reporter (who had committed the terrible crime of addressing the French head of state as "Monsieur le President Chirac"), announced policies that scared the pants off of nearly everyone, and then decided to meddle in the Catholic Church's problems. Well, it may not be diplomacy, but ya gotta admit, that's entertainment! And it's okay, anyway, because the one country that matters thought he was just great. I am speaking, of course, of Italy.

Avedon, Italy was too busy laughing itself silly over Berlusconi's creative re-writing of basic history (among other things, he called the twin brothers whose myth is at the heart of the foundation of Rome "Romolo and Remolo" instead of "Romolo and Remo", kinergarten stuff here), his papier-mache statues and the determination to have the media devote virtually all their time to the Historical End of the Cold War Brought About Single-Handedly by the Best Politician Ever to Grace This World, i.e., Berlusconi himself, obfuscating this way the fact that said best polician in the world had just signally failed to win the local elections, to pay much attention to Bush.

As far as I can say, Bush is not really popular here outside Berlusconi's fond wishes. If anything, there is a pervasive and deep-rooted anti-Americanism that distress me greatly in its knee-jerk nature and in its peculiar marriage to an uncritical idealization of most things American (as well as, of course, in it being a fundamental dumb-assed generalization as all kinds of nationalism are).

Let's not confuse the scary scoundrel we have had elected over us with the totality of the nation, please. We're much better than that.


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