Saturday, May 25, 2002

More on Santoro

Yesterday, since Santoro wanted to tackle the difficulties he and Biagi have been having, he decided it would have been better for somebody else to play host to his talk show. He therefore called Maurizio Costanzo, his long time friend and a pillar of the once rival privately held Canale 5. The RAI management told him no. He had a contract, he was supposed to be the presenter, he couldn't palce anybody else in his place.

Santoro wiggled out of it by telling Costanzo that he must keep sitting, because he was the only one intitled to stand on the studio floor.

Among other things, Costanzo ended up saying that it appeared to him the journalists working for the networks owned by Berlusconi could enjoy more freedom than those working for RAI. Santoro did not argue.

This morning, the RAI management said they had involved three or four lawyers, to check wether this intolerable smear on RAI's image did not constitute a breach of Santoro's contract.

Let me sum this up: A guest in a programme in the public TV said that people are actually less free to speak their minds there than in the private channels. The host does not contradict him. He gets sued for breach of contract. Is it me or does this reaches almost kafkian heights of irreality?

I think the word in this case is "embattled". I'm wondering if somebody somewhere is wagering on how long Santoro is going to hold on before they kick him out.


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