Friday, May 24, 2002

I don't know if this is such a good idea.

I have long been meaning to keep a blog about what's happening in Italy. Or maybe to Italy. I have just realized that this may, just possibly, come back to haunt me, that it can hurt my career, my chances, and generally myself. Yes, I do so believe. I'm not telling you that I know it will... but it's not good news when you are afraid to talk about politics in your country because you suspect it will hurt you.

This is a depressing time. It's depressing up, down and sideways. I'm not an optimist, and have been accused of elitism for this. But... well, I'd love to think that my despair is personal and temperamental.

I don't know how often I will have the heart to post. Will it be any use? Will it serve? It may serve me. I have to survive somehow the death of most things I love about this country. Italians are mostly not patriots and I love them for this, as I love them for many less than obvious virtues. We are not proud about our country. We are not proud about ourselves. We are mostly ashamed. "Shame is a noble sentiment" Marco Paolini said. Yes. Shame is our best virtue. So this is a diary of my shame and anger. The best Italians down the ages have been ashamend and angry, and often have been branded cynical for this. I think it is on this shame, and anger, and even cynism that this country survives with some dignity intact, and most of its sweetness and humor.

I'm aiming for humor. I suspect I'll mostly miss. I expect a lot of outrage instead.


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